Student Information System vbcx
Registration & Payment Instructions
Electronic system that helps the student in several tasks including: 1. Registering Courses. 2. View their ow schedule. 3. View exam results and transcripts. 4. Help system. 5. GPA Simulator.
Blackboard is an easy-to-use learning management system that UOB uses to host all its online courses. Through Blackboard, students and faculty can post and share documents and other course content
The Library services include the following: Register to Library Portal, Request Inter-library loan and mush more..
The steps to confirm a new student Enrollment at the University of Bahrain
Please see attached user guide on how to access Blackboard.
Guiding Steps to fill in the survey. click here
Everyone with at University of Bahrain is provided with a University email account , an Official University communications to staff and students are sent to University email accounts only.
A page to view students Course Schedule
stu support Technical Support - Information Technology Center
Providing technical support service for the electronic registration system, which helps both the student and the teacher in several tasks, including: 1 - See the list of students enrolled in a particular course. 2 - Check the Course schedule. 3. Enter the final exam grades.
A special booklet for each college in the University of the University of Bahrain contains an overview of the college in all its departments and programs.
UOBFees UOB Fees
A table shows the UOB fees details.
StudentService 2
To respond to questions and inquiries about various admissions and registration processes.
Students Guide online
Student Guide Online Learning
First Generation Students Survey
Students Guide
Students Guide