We use our expertise and facilities to support, grow and move your business to the next level.

At UOB, we open the doors to bespoke solutions to meet your needs through our skilled and high quality people. We are a university with a global reach with our goals of achieving student success, regional impact through our research and creating opportunity for Bahrain through our links to industry and business.

What we provide:

We at UOB generate new knowledge through our research. We are able to develop strategic partnerships with Industry via research grants to develop consultancy projects and knowledge transfer projects.

We provide training, education and professional courses to help develop your workforce and their skills and knowledge. The key to industry success is a workforce that is constantly learning and improving their skill base.

Access to regional and global networks, through practical advice, support and guidance we are able to help students and graduates develop their business ideas.

UOB is also able to support industry in other ways such as start up space, venue hire, printing, digital design and testing facilities like labs. In addition, we are also able to add value by placing interns with industry.

For Business

  • Innovation in process / products and services

  • Increased profits and growth

  • Upskilled workforce

  • Social impact through corporate social responsibility

University of Bahrain and E-Government Authority for the Kingdom of Bahrain
A research team from the College of IT led by Dr. Ali Alsoufi has attracted more than $300,000 in recent years for joint projects. These projects where mostly done with the iGov authority of Bahrain. The scope of these projects include mobile Apps development, National Customer Satisfaction surveys and training.
A number of mobile applications are now published in Google and Apple stores, many of which are branded with iGov logo. For the first time in iGov history Bahrain has its own Customer Satisfaction Index that is compatible with American index. Finally, the UOB team conducted several training in both Android and IOS technologies, statistical analysis and other ICT related workshops for number of ministries to help build technology capacity.