Everyone with at University of Bahrain is provided with a University email account , an Official University communications to staff and students are sent to University email accounts only.



DocuTRAK workflow module simulates the organization processes on managing and dealing with workflows (cases) and follow-up the workflows while maintaining information on each transaction.

User Manual

Blackboard is an easy-to-use learning management system that UOB uses to host all its online courses. Through Blackboard, students and faculty can post and share documents and other course content
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A starting point for contacting the e-learning center, if you're facing any difficulties using the LMS (Blackboard) or need to request any of their services.
Helpdesk Technical Support Services

The Help Desk is your initial point of contact for the Information Technology Center. If you are having difficulties accessing systems like Email, etc., need your password reset, or you are having issues with a UOB computer or printer, the Help Desk is here to help!
Electronic system that helps instructors in several tasks including: 1. View the list of students enrolled in a particular course. 2. View their own schedule. 3. Enter the final exam grades.
In terms of the university's keenness to provide comfort to all of its employees, the university have undertook to compensate a large portion of the fees that the employee had paid it for the health treatment at the hospitals, after presenting the medical report and the hospital bills.
Faculty Guide
This handbook includes all faculty policies and regulations, in addition to a compressive overview of information faculty members need to know. The handbook also includes links to University regulations and rules.
The Library services helps in several area like: Register to Library Portal, Request Inter-library loan, Request password to access the digital library and much more..
Electronic system that helps employee in several tasks, including: 1 Viewing their recruitment data. 2. Viewing vacations data. 3. Viewing or enter the administrative assessment (depending on their rule). 4. Approving overtime. 5. Viewing Time & Attendance data.