The e-Learning Center was established in accordance with the University Council decision number 188/2004, May 8, 2004. The Center established to cope with the latest developments in Information Technology and to employ this technology in teaching and learning processes at the university and academic institutes. The Center aims at providing qualitative development in learning and to qualify learning to a better educational output in order to create graduates capable of coping with continuous changes and using these changes to serve their country. The e-Learning trend is fast growing and a corner stone in the field of electronic learning all over the world. It is changing the quality of education to the better and provides skilled and highly qualified and independent learners and graduates.
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Technical Support  Digital Transformation   Workshops and Training

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  • Learning platform – Blackboard (SaaS)
    E-Learning Center uses the Blackboard platform as a primary communication tool and a basic system for managing education and listing electronic courses. Also, faculty members and students were trained on how to use the (LMS) system, either by publishing self-learning videos or by live sessions with the Center's professors.

  • E-learning tools: Mcgraw Hill - Pearson - Cengage – Turnitin

  • Workshops and Training
    One of the Center’s most important strategies is the establishment of continuous training programs and facilities through workshops, as well as online training on the website, as the Center has been accredited as a regional center in the universities of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries in this field.

  • Spread electronic culture through awareness and information campaigns to get the community to accept this type of learning and interact with it.
  • Transform current curriculums and academic programs into electronic curriculums and design and manage University courses using e-learning techniques, whether wholly or partially, according to the nature of the course to be provided by the Center for students.
  • Establish the principle of self-learning and lifelong training and enhance e-learning skills of University of Bahrain employees to be able to utilize them in lifelong learning.
  • International and regional openness and cooperation in the field of learning and digital creativity to keep up with everything new and benefit from it in developing knowledge and scientific research.