Our College recognizes that science today is both a global and a multidisciplinary endeavor. Thus, we are working within and across departments to provide educational and research experiences in cutting-edge fields.


Science College Cataloge 2018
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Our college provides B.Sc. Degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and Operation Research; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; as well Actuarial Science . As far as postgraduate programs are concerned, the college offers 8 postgraduate programs, these are: Higher diploma in Meteorology, 6 M.Sc. Degree programs in: Mathematics, Environment and Sustainable Development, Applied Physics and Nutrition and Dietetics, Big Data Science and Analytics, Biological Sciences. Also a P.hD degree in, Environment and Sustainable Development.

The number of credit hours to achieve the B.Sc. degrees range between 128-129 credit hours, whereas for higher diploma, it is 21 credit hours and for M.Sc. it ranges between 33-credit hours whereas for the P.hd it is 75 credit hours.

Our curriculums for the B.Sc. and M.Sc. programs, were designed in line with similar programs in regional and international universities and responsive to the requirements of the international accreditation standards. Currently, the B.Sc. in Chemistry program is accredited by the Canadian Society and the college is in the process of accreditation all other programs from international accrediting body.

Our college is keen that our graduates have the necessary skills to work and compete in the market, and I am proud to say that many of our graduates have succeeded to take charge of leadership positions in public and privet sectors. The college of science degrees are well recognized in a globe level, which prepare students to join the most prestigious universities in the world to continue their higher studies, and we have many successful models for that.

Besides teaching skills, our faculty members are also have significant contribution to the world knowledge and polished their scientific research findings in world class journals.



Antioxidants/Free Radical Biology, Community Nutrition Assessment, Dietary Flavonoids, Food composition and Food Analysis, Food Safety, Food/Nutrient Toxicology, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, Microbiology, Natural Products, Nutrition Assessment, Nutritional Values, Nutritional/Food Biochemistry, Physiology, Phytochemicals, Probiotics, Public Health Nutrition, Sociology of Nutrition, Sport Nutrition.


Mechanism of Organic Reactions, Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds, Micellization of Surfactants, Polymer Chemistry, Bio-Organic and Green Chemistry, Organic Pollutants Analysis, Bioactive Chemical Isolation and Synthesis, Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Molecular Photochemistry, Chemometrics techniques to various Kinetics data, determination of natural products from microorganisms and plants, Matrix Isolation Spectroscopy, Molecular Modeling, Surface-Catalyzed Reactions, Cytotoxicity, Inorganic Synthesis, Synthesis of functionalized nanoparticles for biomedical applications, Synthesis of Acyclic and Macrocyclic Receptors for Anions, transient transfection, Reporter Gene Assay (SEAP), Gene Cloning, Real Time PCR (TaqMan), Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Heavy Metals Analysis, Spectroscopic Analysis.


Semiconductors, Semiconductor devices, Nonlinear optics, Nanomaterials (magnetic and nonmagnetic), Biomagnetism, Biophotonics, Nanoparticles for biomedical applications, Renewable energy, Magnetic fluids, Nuclear radiation and detection, Astronomy and astrophysics, Particle physics, Modeling of magnetic system, Polymers, dyes and nanomaterials for solar cell technology, Magnetocaloric nanomaterials, Hydrogen storage, Spintronics, Nanocomposite base on carbon nanostructures, Multiscale modeling at the nanoscale, Theoretical condensed matter physics, Neutron diffraction measurements, Surface science, Plasma physics, Laser physics, Metal physics.


Theoretical Physics, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Sampling, Applied Statistics, Medical Statistics, Quantum Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling.

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CSC Accredited Program:

B.Sc. in Chemistry