The LLB degree is granted by the college of law to students who complete the required courses according to the academic plan. The plan is arranged to achieve a balance between courses of private law department and public law department. Hence, throughout the period of their study, students will be taking subjects from both departments.

As a matter of fact, the study of law was limited to a section established in 1999 in the faculty of Business Administration. However, as the importance of law as a degree was recognized, the Council of Trustees has issued resolution No. 159 on 6th of March, 2002 concerning the establishment of the Faculty of Law to be the minaret of Education and Science in UoB.
The LLB program academic plan was developed to serve the needs on both national and regional levels. Accordingly, courses of commercial law and public international law are studied in English.

The objectives are:

  1. Connecting the educational and research outcomes with the needs of the society and the marketplace in its different fields.
  2. Preparing qualified legal graduates who are self motivated, capable of research and dealing with new technologies, and are equipped with skills of critical thinking.
  3. Providing the Bahraini, Gulf and Arabic communities with qualified legal personnel able to contribute in its development.
  4. Promoting national and humanitarian values among students
  5. Connecting between theory and practice in order to benefit from the educational outcomes in the practical legal environment.
  6. Developing skills of scientific research in the legal field.
  7. Ensuring that students’ educational structure is based on principles of fairness and justice.
Terms of Admission:

  1. Applicant should hold a Thanawia Degree (High school degree) or an equivalent degree achieving a minimum overall percentage of 70%
  2. Thanawia Degree or its equivalent should not be older than 2 academic years.
  3. Applicant should pass any test or interview required by the University Council
  4. Applicant should be medically fit
  5. Applicant should be of a good conduct
Upon graduation, an UOB graduate in Law should demonstrate:

  1. Ability to practice different legal works in different fields.
  2. Knowledge of social, economical, and political dimensions of the legal rules.
  3. Acquisition of different legal skills
  4. Awareness of professional responsibility.
  5. Ability to workout legal solutions
  6. Ability to continue legal scientific research
  7. Ability to connect social phenomena with legal rules
  8. Effectively serving the community through active social services
  9. Ability to use new technologies in developing legal knowledge
  10. Ability to communicate with others through team work.