The Council of Trustees has issued resolution No. 159 on 6th of March, 2002 concerning the establishment of the Faculty of Law to be the minaret of Education and Science in University of Bahrain. Before the establishment of the Faculty of Law, the study of law was limited to a section established in 1999 in the faculty of Business Administration.


Law Cataloge 2018
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The faculty of law aspires to be the center of legal education in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the light of the rapid developments of the legal domain.

Since its establishment, the faculty understands that education, science, creativity, invention and development are important and essential tools for achieving the goals of the educational policy in Bahrain. This is reflected on its law curricula and its scientific contents. The faculty's curricula is taught in two sections, namely Private Law section and Public Law section.

The faculty pays high regard to comprise theoretical study and practical study. This is evident in its teaching methods, design of the faculty's building and the rooms dedicated for the practical training (moot courts).

The Faculty of Law, University of Bahrain, achieves its educational mission by qualifying its students to work in legislative, legal, and judicial authorities and institutions, by providing them with science and practical legal knowledge.

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