The College of Information Technology was established in 2003 and since then it pursues to be known as a world-class college that excel in learning, research and entrepreneurship in information technology.

The College of Information technology seeks to contribute directly to the economic growth and development of Bahrain by preparing graduates that are internationally recognized and are regionally competitive within their field of specialization, supported by leading edge learning and teaching, research with national and regional impact, local engagement and international reputation.


IT Cataloge 2018
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The College of Information Technology started offering its programs in the early 1990s. Currently, the college offers BSc programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems. All those programs are designed to be aligned and benchmarked with the curricula recommendations of professional societies in IT such as the ACM, IEEE, and AIS.

All of these undergraduate programs have been accredited by ABET since 2010. The Computer Engineering program have been re-accredited in 2014. The Computer Science and Information Systems programs have been re-accredited in 2017. Along with the ABET accreditation, the College programs have undergone continuous improvements and reviews through several programs including the UNDP program in 2003 and received a full confidence from the Education and Training Quality National Authority for all its undergraduate programs in 2014. Furthermore, the programs were placed successfully on the National Qualifications Framework. It is worth mentioning that the Computer Science Program was among the first batch in Bahrain to be placed on the National Qualifications Framework.

To be in lined with the changing needs of the labor market, the College of Information Technology has recently offered in 2017 many new programs including BSc programs in Network Engineering and Software Engineering.

Furthermore, the College offers MSc programs in Information Technology, Cyber Security, and Software Engineering. The MSc programs target IT professionals and provide advanced topics in the field of IT

Furthermore, the College provides leadership in research and innovation locally and regionally through its applied research and engagement with the IT industry in Bahrain. Several research groups work within the College and they serve the community through contractual research, consulting services, and application and software development. These include groups in areas such as Mobile Computing, Applied Data Science, Telematics, and Intelligent Systems.