DrFuadAlAnsariHello and welcome to the College of Engineering. This is our official webpage, the first destination to become acquainted with the college, its faculties, academic programs, activities, official news and opportunities for cooperation.

The College of Engineering at UoB is the leader of higher engineering education in the kingdom. This is apparent through the quality and quantity of the college's graduates, programs, faculty and facilities besides the confidence given to the college and its programs by local and international quality assurance and accreditation authorities. The realization of this status is the result of our relentless determination to revolutionise the engineering sector in Bahrain and the world, and to make it a major tributary to knowledge based economy.

Our mission is to help our students become engineers who are highly talented, technically capable, innovative, creative and able to lead towards positive change in their immediate and global surroundings. And to achieve that we have created robust education, research and community service programs.

Dr. Fuad Mohammed Al-Ansari