The M.A. program was introduced in response to the urgent need of providing postgraduate training in applied English language studies to the University graduate assistants, teachers in the ministry of education. It has attracted students not only from the Kingdom of Bahrain but also from the Gulf region at large.

Following the Department’s policy, the program has undergone many changes and the last major change was introduced in 2008 based on a comprehensive market and alumni review.

The program is comparable to many MA programs regionally and internationally. It mainly provides training in theoretical and applied linguistics, language acquisition, language and the society, and teaching of English language and literature. The dissertations completed by students indicate the commitment of the program to local as well as general epistemological and practical issues in the field of applied linguistics and language-related issues.

They covered a wide variety of topics in the fields of Language Acquisition, Language Teaching and Learning, Linguistics, Literature and Translation.

  • To prepare highly qualified graduates of English language studies;
  • To develop the graduates’ theoretical knowledge of language;
  • To develop the graduates’ practical ability to communicate effectively;
  • To develop the graduates’ ability to apply what they learn during their studies to their professional context;
  • To encourage students to develop critical and creative thinking;
  • To encourage students to develop cultural awareness and a global outlook;
  • To enhance the status of the Department within the University as well as within the wider community