• To investigate the philosophy of linguistic and literary fields.
  • To develop the skills of profound and close reading.
  • To acquire the competence of accumulating, systematizing, approaching and analyzing knowledge.
  • To heighten the skills of artistic sense, scientific and critical thought and sound critical consciousness.
  • To qualify academic specialists who are able to pursue research and work at academia.
  • To consolidate the scientific and research position of the University of Bahrain.

Upon graduation, an UOB graduate should demonstrate an ability to:

  1. Teach the language and literature at institutes and universities.
  2. Produce high quality research and compose works of different genres.
  3. Take part in literary movements in Bahrain and the Arab world.
  4. Proofread and edit writing in pressing institutes and mass media.
  5. Preform the standardized styles of language in the media as well as literary and scientific circles.
  1. A Bachelor’s degree in the discipline from a university or an institution accredited by the University of Bahrain, with a minimum GPA of 2.67 out of 4 (or its equivalent).
  2. Proficiency in English language.
  3. Pass the written test administered by the program (an aptitude test in logical and reasoning, reading comprehension, sentence correction, etc.).
  4. Pass a personal interview
  5. The final admission will be based on the merit list of the applicants.