dean DrBaqer2The College of Applied Studies constitutes a unique educational atmosphere characterized by programs that cater to the current needs of the job market. The College of Applied Studies offers nationally recognized curricula that extend the students’ learning needs with modern-day market ready expertise.

Established in 2005, the College of Applied Studies offers a diversified curriculum coupled with practical, experience-based applications in the fields of Business Administration, Information Technology and Engineering. These disciplines are defining every aspect of our lives today, and continue to shape our economy as we make our way through the 21st century.

The College of Applied Studies includes about 1,500 students who constitute the main stakeholders of the College’s programs. There are 8 newly developed and improved programs leading to the degree of Associate Diploma, and that are carefully designed to deliver skillful graduates able to adapt to the ever-changing market and economic needs.

Central to the College of Applied Studies’ success has been its professional and experienced faculty and staff members dedicated to ensure a full and engaging academic experience for the students. Faculty and staff members contribute to a positive and enriching student educational setting.

The College of Applied Studies strives to be a major player in the advancement of the economic and academic goals of the nation and continues to do so by equipping its graduates with key flexible skills that are instrumental amid changing technological times, and fostering a creative and innovative learning environment able to effectively drive and support its research and entrepreneurship efforts.

Dr. Mohamed Baqer

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