This Higher Diploma in School Leadership spans one academic year with two academic semesters, 3 courses in each semester, with a total of 18 credit hours and 270 contact hours. There are no prerequisite courses or programs. The Program is delivered in Arabic. Courses are offered at the Bahrain Teachers College twice a week full day morning time. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates will receive a Higher Diploma in School Leadership from the University of Bahrain.

  1. Candidates will learn strategies and evidence-based practices to apply academic standards within their schools, monitor performance, and support the learning of all students in Bahrain’s schools. (BQA Academic Achievement Aspect)
  2. Candidates will learn how to increase work ethic, citizenship values, innovation, and personal-social development among staff and students within their schools. (BQA Personal Development and Social Responsibility Aspect)
  3. Candidates will learn strategies and evidence-based practices to improve the quality of teaching and learning, as well as the effectiveness of classroom management, technology usage, differentiation, and student assessment, within classrooms in their schools. (BQA Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Aspect)
  4. Candidates will gain the skills needed to ensure that all students in Bahrain’s schools are able to learn and develop within their school contexts. (BQA Empowerment and Meeting Special Needs Aspect)
  5. Candidates will learn leadership skills for strategic planning, staff performance improvement, stakeholder communication, and resource management. (BQA Leadership, Management, and Governance Aspect)
  1. Candidates demonstrate an aspiring leader’s role in education who can analyze and reflect on critical issues in educational management.
  2. Candidates apply knowledge and skill in ensuring safe, ethical, productive, and effective school operations.
  3. Candidates explore the use of data in various ways to ensure school level improvement in teacher performance and investigate effective resource management and utilization in times of systemic change.
  4. Candidates maintain effective, and sustainable relationships between students, school, parents, staff, and ministry of education leaders to support school progress.
  5. Candidates analyze and apply evidence-based practices intended to improve school performance, stakeholder satisfaction, and student academic achievement within school contexts.
Students are admitted based on the MoE requirements, criteria and procedures. To be admitted to the Higher Diploma of Education leadership program, the student shall fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree.
  2. This program is tailored to MoE teachers and the admission is according to MoE nomination. MoE does not nominate candidates to study in this program according to the student CGPA in B.Ed. They nominate the students who are assistant principals or acting principals regardless to what is their CGPA in B.Ed.
  3. The MoE shall nominate all eligible candidates according to the MoE criteria, to join the program, and shall submit a list of nominated candidates to both UoB Deanship of Admission and Registration and the BTC.
  4. The MoE shall contact all nominees and communicate to them the UoB dates and deadlines for admission and registration in the program.
  5. The nominees shall sign the agreements prepared by the MoE.
  6. The nominees shall fulfill all University of Bahrain Registration and Admission requirements during the period specified in the University of Bahrain academic calendar and communicated to them through the MoE.