The Teacher Leadership Program is intended to meet the needs of all teachers in Bahrain’s public schools by offering courses that translate aspects of BQA framework into practice, which will enhance the teaching and learning process, promote citizenship among learners and to help teachers learn how to use the available data and turn it into actions to improve their performance and the learners’ performance. This program is also to prepare teachers to become leaders by gaining the required knowledge and skills through courses that have been aligned with many top ranking universities to ensure that Bahrain is following the right path to accomplish the 2030 vision in the educational field.

  1. Candidates will adapt 21st Century learning strategies and research-based practices to improve student learning through engaging strategies, relevant curriculum, and effective differentiation. (BQA Academic Achievement Aspect & Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Aspect)
  2. Candidates will learn how to promote lifelong learning, employability, and ethical citizenship in their students. (BQA Personal Development and Social Responsibility Aspect)
  3. Candidates will gain the skills needed to ensure that all diverse learner needs are met within classrooms. (BQA Empowerment and Meeting Special Needs Aspect)
  4. Candidates will learn leadership skills to improve self-performance in department or grade level teams. (BQA Leadership, Management, and Governance Aspect)
  5. Candidates learn research-based teacher leadership skills to lead teams, coach and mentor staff to enhance their performance, evaluate and develop school programs for students and teachers to lead schools toward sustainable change. (BQA Leadership, Management, and Governance Aspect)
  1. Candidates apply instructional strategies and techniques to improve instruction, create respectful classroom environments, and promote students’ academic achievement for all students.
  2. Candidates gain skills in designing and moderating curriculum and assessments on national standards and adapt the suitable instruction methods to fulfill all students’ needs.
  3. Candidates analyze social and diverse environments in classrooms and schools to improve performance, safety, and respect across all aspects of educational situations.
  4. Candidates demonstrate understanding the needs of the culturally diverse learners and how to maintain effective relationships with families and communities to support Bahrain's traditions and Islamic values.
  5. Candidates develop teacher leadership strategies and skills needed for teacher leaders to improve school teaching and learning quality by leading effective teams, coaching and mentoring.
  6. Candidates analyze and apply evidence-based practices and professional developments programs intended to improve self-leadership, department performance, and stakeholder communication.

Candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree. This program is tailored to the Ministry of Education (MoE) teachers and the admission is according to MoE nomination.

MoE does not nominate candidates to study in the program according to the student CGPA in B.Ed. Rather, they nominate teachers to get the professional development required for them to cover their professional development points to optimize their steps on CSB or the teachers they want to upgrade them to be senior teachers.

The MoE nominate all eligible candidates according to the MoE criteria to join the program and submit a list of nominated candidates to both UoB Deanship of Admission and Registration and the BTC.

The MoE contact all candidates and communicate to them the UoB dates and deadlines for admission and registration in the program. The candidates should meet the registration requirements and submit all the required documents by UoB, MoE and BTC.

Candidates need to pass all Semester 1 courses and get a Certificate in Professional Development to be able to join Semester 2 courses and be admitted in the Higher Diploma in Teacher Leadership program.