• Asma Ayari – PCAP 2017-2018
    As a faculty member from the College of Business Administration, I have given the opportunity to participate in the PCAP program at the University of Bahrain.In regards to academic content, Post Graduate Certificate for Academic Practice Program (PCAP) is specifically tailored to suit teachers, who already have teaching experience but want to further their careers by getting a higher qualification. The course is very well-paced and can be completed relatively easily while working full-time. The modules were highly relevant and very effective which helped me to think through various ways of teaching.There is, of course, a lot of research and reading involved, but this is made a lot less daunting by the great mentors, peer review, and the fact that almost everything you work on can be tied back into your classroom. I've tried to make my classes more interesting. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations, but I really enjoyed thoroughly this opportunity to reflect!
    The program is great in content and also in terms of networking. I was able to talk and interact with others participants from various disciplines and colleges. I learned a lot from their experience, insights and to get strength from each other. It was really one of the best ways to learn about academic fieldwork in the real world.I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work. This experience has made me a more effective, confident, and reflective teacher. An excellent program which I recommend to all academic staff interested in seeing real progress in their work.”

  • Dr Ailiya Abbas – CPD 2017-2018 
    Thank you, all of you for your support and dedication without which we would not have been successful. CPD has changed our perspective and I can see the impact on my students.

  • Joel Indrupati – CPD 2017-2018
    I am thrilled and honoured that I am receiving this through all of you, who prepared us well. You have given us exemplary training and coaching, and I will always be indebted to you and Dr Raed for the excellent workshops you conducted during the whole year - in this CPD Program. Many thanks to all others from UTEL, with Dr. Sana's leadership, for all your efforts in facilitating the development of excellence in university teaching.

  • Ms. Nirmala .G – CPD 2017-2018
    The passion to teach gets excited to see our student excel, remember learning, practice with integrity and a professional role model, a product of quality, which is the outcome of dedicated work in any discipline. The Nursing profession, demands a dynamic teacher with special skills combining qualities like problem solving, decision-making, empathy etc., to foster knowledge, attitude and skills in the budding learners who have determined to be future saviours of life. Being a nurse educator for 19 years now, had left me with many questions unanswered as a teacher to lend a helping hand to those in need ,especially when it comes to learning specific skills like in nursing.This CPD course at University of Bahrain had thrown light to focus deeply on reflection as a tool to self-think, plan with guidance of UKPSF and to deliver the teaching material in a very meaningful manner. It had kept me abreast of developments in the teaching, learning world. The workshops enlightened us with ideas formulated subsequently to improve course delivery. It also helped us in sharing of expertise between participants from various disciplines, which has power of its own to impart innovation in designing course appropriately, helping student adapt to learning environments, different feedback methods, student support and professional self -development. CPD ignited the mind to lead great new paths, by kindling spirits that needed rejuvenation after 19 years of experience. Starting from just meeting your students to the task of guiding them to practice is been wonderfully guided on each step described by Gibbs and Race in their monuments of literary evidences.This professional journey was completed successfully with the due support of the administrators, teachers and the great encouragement from my mentor. I am sure fellowship from AdvanceHE is a key to quality teaching and learning at any university, “Scholarship of teaching is about improving student learning by investigating the learning of one’s own students and one’s own teaching” (Trigwell et al, 2000:159)”

  • Dr. Ajaz Rashed – PCAP 2017-2018
    The PCAP program was an excellent opportunity to develop my teaching skills. There are many useful things the participants take with them from this course. The UTEL team was very helpful throughout, encouraging all the participants in a well-organized and interactive atmosphere. The planning, implementation and post-execution were all exemplary. I am appreciative of the entire team.

  • Dr. Mohammed Yousif – CPD 2017-2018
    It was a good opportunity to enrol in NTB program and to obtain the fellowship of The Higher Education Academy. The additional experience in different types of effective teaching and learning methodologies have shaped us and a value addition in the service of higher education,Thanks UTEL team!

  • Ms. Tara Fryad Henari – CPD 2017-2018
    In completing the CPD program, I have walked away with more than expected. The program itself has enabled me to look at students in a different light, and more importantly made me look at my teaching methods differently. I was highly impressed with the UTEL team, who showed professionalism but with pure sincerity. Constant authentic support was available and highly beneficial. The diverse background of my colleagues in the program enabled sharing of different methods and perspectives. The motivation the team built up in me, has given me a life changing experience in my career, enabling me to be more creative and innovative effortlessly.

  • Abdelaziz Hussien – CPD 2017-2018
    Develop or Perish, one of the most effective channels to improve your professional practices is to participate in UTEL programmes. I am undertaking CPD programme in 2017/2018 and I have found it has all factors of success, chief among them, the thoughtful and experienced faculties who are inspired by well-established and robust up-to-date ideas in the field of teaching and learning. They create an engaging, enjoyable, and inspiring environment, and prepare practical, well-organized and fully engaging activities. As an educationist, I would say nothing but participate to create.

  • Dr. Abdulghani Al-Hattami – CPD 2017-2018
    After attending a couple of workshops and participating in the CPD program, I truly appreciate the efforts you and your team put to have successful training sessions from A – Z. The materials you provide are very unified and well-prepared according to your own standards. The delivery focuses on hands-on activities which are full of fun and learning opportunities. The knowledge of your team and their respects to participants are wonderful. I wish you nothing but continuous success.

  • Dr. Hawra Jaafar Shaikh Mansoor, B.Sc., MA, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Architecture and Interior Design
    College of Engineering

    “It has been such a pleasure to be part of the NTB program 2018-2019. It provided us with very informing sessions and discussions with very professional and expert tutors and mentors like Dr. Hayat

    Ali and Ms. Tara Henari. The program acted as a motivational tool to encourage us as academics to step back from our everyday practice and try to evaluate, rethink and modify our teaching methods and activities. I personally enjoyed every and each part of the program and it had a great impact on the way I pursue my practice. Great "Thank You" goes to the UTEL team for organizing and facilitating such programs.”

  • Dr. Nehal Al Merbati, B.Sc., MA, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Architecture and Interior Design
    College of Engineering

    “The CPD program helped in reshaping and enhancing my teaching practice. The program engages you with different colleagues from different disciplines who allowed me the opportunity to explore various tools, apps and learning theories that can enhance my teaching practice in my design studios. Ultimately, the program allowed me to be more reflective in my teaching throughout the one year program. The UTEL team of qualified and expert academics were really inspiring and very helpful throughout this enriching journey”

  • Dr. Hatem Ahmed Alsridi Assistant-Professor University Of Bahrain

    “I applied to the CPD programme 2018-2019. After 9 months of great work, I can whiteness that it was a very exciting experience, full of knowledge, exchange and best practices; I have never heard about or practiced. With a very nice team handling the programme, I could finally achieve my RAPP in which I have included the learning activities I have implemented during the academic year, framed according to the UK HEA Professional Standard Framework. Finally, After a hard and great work, I got my HEA Fellowship and I am very glad of that.”

  • Dr. Sabri Mrayed
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Chemical Engineering

    “I found the program to be a very beneficial to me since I have not been involved in any courses or programs that can improve my teaching knowledge and skills that would make me an effective academic practitioner. I was impressed by all teachers and organizers for their continuous support during the one-year course.”