The Counselling Office, a part of the Office of Vice-President for Alumni Affairs and Community Service, is one of the oldest and most important offices in the University and it mainly aims at raising the capabilities and enhance the employability of both students and graduates. It is the oldest in all Gulf universities. It smoothly paves the way for the University graduates for employment through providing adequate assistance in choosing the jobs that suits their specializations and in job application processes and requirements starting from preparing suitable resumes to successful performance in interviews.

It was for these purposes that the office was opened in May 1998 under the sponsorship of Dr. Mohamed bin Jassem Al Ghatam, the President of the University at that time, and in the presence of 150 representatives of companies and various government sectors and authorities.

Following instructions from the President of the University at that time, Dr. Mohamed Jassem Al Ghatam, the University issued a decision to establish this office to offer career advising services and provide adequate services to helps graduates meet the labour market needs. The personnel responsible of the office received training to help them adequately perform their functions. The training was conducted inside and outside the kingdom of Bahrain to expose the advising personnel to the latest developments in career advising.

Under the directions of Dr. AlGhatam, some of the personnel were sent to British Universities, such as University of Derby, Loughborough University, and University of Central England in Birmingham (now Birmingham City University) to receive training in their career advising offices. The office started with this highly qualified and competentpersonnel who did not only have the theoretical knowledge but they had also been exposed to the experience of British universities in career advising. It was also agreed with these university to continue cooperation and exchange of ideas to help our personnel keep abreast with the latest developments and practices in career advising.

The University personnel drafted a complete plan of the office for the University and presented it for opinion to the advising offices of the British universities where they had training. They received feedback and modified the plan accordingly. The modified plan was revised and approved by the University.

 What are the functions of the Career Advising Office?
The University Career Office was established to provide advising services to graduating students to help them achieve their career aspirations and to equip them with the necessary skills to help them enter the labour market with confidence.

The Objectives of the Office

  • Assist students to determine their career direction and paths based on their qualifications, abilities, and who they are

  • Give information about job opportunities and actual job vacancies

  • Advice and train students in the job application process

  • liaise with the local job market to identify consistency between graduates’ qualifications and the available vacancies

  • nominate University graduates for recruitment in various public and private sectors

  • promote University graduates in the labour market