Origination Assets Department

Given the rapid expansion of the university and the steady increase in its buildings, colleges, departments and the increase in faculty members to accommodate the higher number of students, In November 2004, a decision was made to establish an Assets Department to keep up with growing needs of the university.

The organizational structure of the department:
The Department includes two divisions:

  1. Receipt and delivery and encoding Division, comprises of two units:
    • Receipt and delivery unit.
    • Encoding unit.

  2. Stores and inventory division, comprises of two units:
  1. Inspection of purchase orders made and transferred to us by the Purchasing Department.
  2. Pick-up and delivery of assets and consumables from suppliers to the requesting party at the university.
  3. Coding new assets in the financial system and numbering and labeling them with our department sticker.
  4. Scrapping of damaged, sold and recovered assets according to procedures.
  5. Save and store the excluded assets that are recyclable or damaged.
  6. Saving, storing, coding and arranging of maintenance, printing and stationery items.
  7. Dismissal of consumables and delivery of stationary to the requesting party.

  • Supply various administrative and academic parties with stationery materials. (Exchange stationery form).
  • Rotate excluded assets that are recyclable (Transfer form).
  • New assets numbering and re-numbering of old assets.
  • Inspection of purchase requisitions for new assets (Inspection of purchase order form).
  • Documenting assets (assets documentation form).
  • Release of liability for the resigned and retired party (report printed from the system).
  • Inventory, as requested by the concerned party.
  • Provide Building & Maintenance Department and the Department of Press with their own materials that are stored in the Assets Department store.