The Deanship of Students’ Affairs strives to provide a variety of students’ services which are concerned with their academic attainment, and their cultural, artistic, and physical preparation.


To advance students’ participation to the highest levels globally.


Provide the suitable environment to create a better university life for students, which will be achieved through: performing an integrated role that enhances the learning and teaching processes in the university, providing the means to enable the advancement of students efforts and participation on all levels, providing a variety of high quality programs and services, and encouraging students to be innovative, creative, and add value.

  1. Developing students’ personalities through extracurricular activities, and providing an environment that encourages creativity and innovation.
  2. Improving the quality of the general services and developing various counseling services to support the academic needs of the students
  3. Developing the necessary infrastructure to achieve the deanship’s aims to facilitate the services, programs, and activities that it provides
  4. Enhance the national unity spirit
Exemptions and Part-Time Employment Division

This division, which reports to the dean of students’ affairs, is responsible for reviewing the consideration requests submitted by students to benefit from the exemption system as per UOB internal policy for fees exemption. In addition, this division supervises the employment of students according to UOB part time employment system, as the priority is given to students who are distinguished academically, with the highest consideration given to those who did not benefit from the exemption of fees service.

Students’ Council Division

The Students Council consists of representatives of academic colleges and presidents of students’ societies and representatives of students’ clubs elected by direct election between club presidents. The elections are conducted according to a voting system policy which is “The establishment and organization of the students’ council policy”. The university founded the students’ council division within the administrative structure of the Deanship of Students’ Affairs in 2012, and it reports to the office of the dean of students’ affairs to supervise and follow up on the students’ council activities.

Students’ Activities Department

The students’ activities department is a department of a high impact on the students’ university life, as it is responsible for the task of improving the students’ personalities, developing their creative abilities through allowing them to discover their skills and potentials so they can develop them further by utilizing all available resources. The department achieves its goals through four sections: Cultural and Social Activities division, Sports and Scouts Activities division, Students’ Bodies division, and the Artistic Activities division.

Guidance and Counseling Department

The Guidance and Counseling Department is responsible for many tasks concerning students’ social, behavioral and psychological guidance, as it supervises the implementation of the internal policies and procedures of UOB ensuring that the students of UOB are surrounded by a healthy environment. Moreover, it helps new students by introducing them to the policies and procedures of UOB, and from their first day in the university, and that is done by organizing the Induction Day, so they can be aware of their rights and their duties as university students, and help them adapt to university life.      Read More

Students’ Services and Development Department

The Students’ Services and Development Department offers a lot of services to the students, in addition to self-development programs, and that is done through three different divisions: the Students’ Services Division which is divided into the transportation unit, the support services unit, and the nutrition unit.

The Training & Student Development Division consists of: the unit of training and development, the unit of students’ delegations. The Disability Division is responsible for providing all the possible services and benefits to disabled students, in coordination with entities inside and outside the university.