The Deanship of Scientific Research was established in December 1995, in order to encourage and organize scientific research at the University of Bahrain, in addition to carry out studies and research for the benefit of both private and public sectors, either in Bahrain or in the Gulf states.

The Deanship has developed several distinct activities with the aim of strengthening Scientific Research at the University through:
  1. Funding research.
  2. Rewards.
  3. Awards.
  4. Contract studies.
  5. Providing incentive for participation in seminars and conferences.
  6. Encouragement of scientific publishing.
  7. Refereeing of scientific and teaching books.
The various activities of the Deanship of Scientific Research are managed by the Council of Scientific Research which responsible for designing policies for scientific research and supervision of research activities. The adoption of research presented by faculties at the university .
To be a leader in the field of scientific research that contributes to and strengthens the relationship between university and society, in addition to invests in the talents, abilities and scientific potential.

To Spread the culture of scientific research, to establish its values, to develop the abilities, to provide a supportive environment and invest in human and social resources.
The University of Bahrain has always sought to develop its strategic plan 2009-2014 in which it compasses the University’s major goal which is to strighten  its role on both the national and international levels as a source of knowledge, research,  distinction and invention.
In this regard, the University has given special consideration to scientific research by stating it as a main pillar in the second strategic goal that aims to increase and improve the quality and quantity of scientific research at the University in order to integrate with the economic vision 2030 of the kingdom of Bahrain.                  < Strategic Plan >
For more information:

Dr. Mohamed Redha Qader
Dean of Scientific Research

Tel : (00973) 17438559 - 17438558
Fax: (00973) 17683278
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