The Community Service and Continuing Education Center at the University of Bahrain were established by a decision of the University's Board of Trustees on January 25, 2009 , in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and in implementation of the University's 2009-2014 strategy for the next five years by establishing many initiatives that contribute to the university’s development and its keeping pace with the latest international standards. The center is directed by the office of the Vice President of the University of Bahrain for Community Service and Graduate Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Saleh Al-Ansari.

It aims mainly at the effective participation of the university in the human development process in the Kingdom, and to link the university with the external community with its various institutions by establishing, organizing and implementing many courses, training programs and workshops.

The center also aims to develop and qualify the human element, organize and implement programs of a societal nature that contribute to the development of Bahraini society in all its groups and classes.

Community service occupies an important place in the ladder of continuous education in society in particular because of its beneficial and comprehensive characteristics for a wide segment of society in the field of education and the field of work. It works within the framework of a set of goals that are set to raise productive efficiency, to keep up with the requirements of the times and face its challenges by employing the distinguished expertise of faculty members from all disciplines at the university to achieve these goals.
The Message
Within the framework of the continuous pursuit of renewal and development to keep pace with the successive developments in the various fields of knowledge, the University of Bahrain has taken an advanced step towards its openness to society in all its sectors and institutions. The university is determined to meet society’s needs and requirements and provide it with various information, skills and experiences to be a real and effective tool for participation in the process of development and development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. By establishing the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, as the Center is a qualitative addition to the array of facilities and services provided by the University with the aim of contributing to the process of building, development and development.

Organizational Chart

The center works within an integrated team that includes the following divisions and departments:

  • Vice President for Community Service and Alumni Affairs.
  • Center Director's Office.
  • Marketing and Promotion Division.
  • Division of Continuing Education and Community Development.