The Business Incubator Center supports university affiliates such as students, alumni, faculty and staff who have innovative ideas and inventions to create and grow businesses and startups. Our role is to provide appropriate support to develop these innovative ideas and inventions through an ideal entrepreneurial environment with strong inter-institutional partnerships with other ecosystem enablers.

The Business Incubators Center is affiliated with the College of Applied Studies.


To be a hub for knowledge-based innovation in Bahrain.


Support the economic development of Bahrain by fostering innovation, developing entrepreneurial skills and establishing knowledge-based enterprises.
  1. Encourage innovation that contributes to knowledge-based economy.
  2. Empower university affiliates through developing awareness, encouraging entrepreneurial values and strengthening business capabilities.
  3. Provide support for the development and commercialization of promising ideas and inventions.
  4. Provide support in developing small businesses and commercializing new products and services.
  5. Create strong collaboration and partnership between the university and industry in R&D.
  6. Collaborate with entrepreneurship and incubation institutions nationally, regionally and internationally.


This division will cater for potential entrepreneurs, including current university students and faculty. The division’s aim is to build entrepreneurship knowledge and skills through entrepreneurial awareness and enterprise development interventions and inclusion of entrepreneurial skills teaching in the academic curricula. The activities and services that the division would provide are:

  1. Entrepreneurial awareness campaign
    1. Participation in wide-ranging activities to encourage entrepreneurship mindset.
    2. Organizing competitions
    3. Promoting entrepreneurship through announcements, leaflets, posters, media