Bahrain Credit Media Center is the first academic entity in the Middle East in the field of traditional media and new media. Open since 2009, it provides professional training in the acquisition of advanced production skills for the students of the Mass Communication department. Equipped with cutting edge facilities, the center offers as well training in media and communication for local and regional institutions.

The Bahrain Credit Media Center prepare the media specialists of tomorrow by combining academic rigor and high production value as well as providing a stimulating extracurricular environment that nurture students talent.
  1. To provide a scientific environment in the areas of information and communication at the local and regional level.
  2. To train media and communication professionals, and further their skills in the field of media and cultural industries, both locally and regionally.
  3. To development teaching methods and training in information and communication for bachelors and Masters level
  4. Develop and enrich the graduate program in communication meeting with the needs of Bahrain and the GCC.
  5. Meet the needs of the local and regional community (the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf), in all that relates to varieties of media production and communication, and management of institutional and social relations.
  6. Provide basic scientific data needed by the local community and communities of the GCC countries in the field of public decision-making and build future strategies.
  7. To employ the center to become a hub for media training, research and development in coordination with the department and higher studies disciplines in media.
The Bahrain Credit Media Center of the University of Bahrain provides services to university students and media professionals working in the local community in Bahrain and the regional of GCC. The center combines the depth of academic and abide by the professional standards of the media industries in the areas of teaching, advanced training for professional, production and scientific research studies of the public (Masters studies). To achieve these goals the Center uses advanced digital technology in smart classrooms, in TV, Radio and sound recording studios and in its multipurpose amphitheater. The center also includes a competitive technical team based on the implementation of its programs.

The distinctive strength of the center is its contribution to the academic research in media by organizing international conferences as well as organizing cultural events which expand and showcase student’s skills.
  • Interactive Teaching in Smart Classroom
  • Advanced Training in Media Labs
  • Renting of our TV and Radio studios
  • Producing video films, TV and Radio shows
  • Hosting Symposia, Scientific Media Conferences and Conventions
  • Organizing Photography and Art exhibitions as well as Media Festivals