The university is proud to host students from around the world as they continue their studies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  The University welcomes students from over thirty countries and our international faculty includes teaching staff from Europe, USA, the Far East in addition to the Middle East are well placed to support our growing international profile. The university also is home to several international centers from around the world including, Chinese, French, English, Japanese, German and American studies. The universities reach is global and our partnerships reflect our international brand and reputation.

University of Bahrain engages with academic partners globally to offer study options for students both inside, outside Bahrain, to develop new programs, and to collaborate on new knowledge creation.

The university has partnerships on several levels, which include;

  • Student exchange programs
  • Visiting teaching staff
  • Joint research projects
  • Joint/ hosted programs
  • Development of post graduate programs

Our partner institution benefits by developing the expertise of academics and the skills of professional support staff by working with Bahrain’s national university. Partner institutions will see their marketing profile raised by association with the University of Bahrain’s brand name, a recognized leader in higher education within the Middle East.