The University of Bahrain (UoB) is committed to developing bilateral relations with international institutions, to enhance teaching and learning and to give students a wider global view by sharing learning and knowledge with a diverse mindset of academia.

Over this past 30 years Agreements/Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) have been entered into with institutions from both hemispheres: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, India, N. Africa UK, USA, Europe, Middle East, Japan, Russian Federation and Peoples Republic of China.

In keeping with its ethos of international collaboration, UoB implemented many student/faculty exchange programmes with universities abroad. UoB also established foreign language courses conducted by the relative centers in collaboration with their respective embassies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Currently, all these centers are housed under a newly formed school, “School of Foreign Languages” (SFL) which comprises of the following:

The English Language Centre, French Studies Centre, The American Studies Centre, and the Confucius Institute at UoB. Also, SFL is administering the elective 100 level courses offered in learning the following languages: English, French, Japanese, German and Chinese. Soon, SFL will include the Korean King Sejong Institute, Russian Language Centre, Turkish Cultural Centre, and the Indian Language Centre. The aim is to offer students the opportunity to be conversant with other cultures within the framework of cross-cultural communication worldwide.

In order for the centres/institutes to carry out their mission, they offer students different academic facilities which include libraries to provide books, references, dictionaries, internet access and video audio equipment, as well as experienced teachers from the individual countries mentioned above.

Brief Overview

  English Language Centre (ELC)

ELC is an integral part of the University of Bahrain. It has the responsibility of planning and executing the English Language components of all the Academic Colleges (excluding the College of Arts, which oversees its own English language courses). ELC provides language instruction in the form of service courses to students at the university. These English language courses are conducted for students in their first, second and third years in the Colleges of Business, IT, Engineering, Education, Science, and Law and for students from the College of Applied Studies. Specialist courses are catered for on demand. The Centre is headed by the Director with the help of the Assistant Director. They are supported by Course Coordinators who are responsible for the smooth running of academic courses. The ELC strives to maintain the highest standards of English language teaching.


  The French Studies Centre (FSC)

FSC is the first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf region providing students with the opportunity to study the French language, culture, its artists and literary pioneers. The center offers a minor in French language and also two elective courses for all UoB students. The Embassy of the Republic of France has provided scholarships for BSc in French language after completing the Associate Diploma FSC–UoB. Unfortunately, this has been stopped due to financial deficiency. The FSC – in collaboration with French Embassy in Bahrain offers one month summer courses at prestigious language institutes in France, like the CAVILAM-Alliance Françoise in Vichy, France.




  The American Studies Center (ASC)

ASC has been very successful for many years in academic and social activities on and off campus. In addition to curriculum required courses the center hosts many visiting academics and cultural figures to give lectures, conduct workshops, and performances by musical artists. Students are offered a wide-range of extra-curricular activities, e.g. field trips both home and abroad, social events and community services opportunities. Trips to universities in the USA are organized during summer and mid-term break – in collaboration with USA embassy at Bahrain. ASC also produces the ASC News Magazine.


  The Confucius Institute at University of Bahrain (CIUoB)

CIUoB was established in 2014 based on an agreement with Shanghai University and Hanban in China and UoB to strengthen educational cooperation, to support and promote the development of the Chinese language & culture and increase mutual understanding between the people of both nations. CIUoB offers, annually, summer school and summer camps to UoB students. CIUoB is financially supported by Hanban-Confucius Headquarters in Beijing.