About UOB Alumni

Welcome to Alumni Club (University of Bahrain)

In the 30 years, since the University of Bahrain started over 60,000 students have graduated, with a many of our alumni working and living abroad, we are proud that we have a global reach. This is a huge amount of talent, ideas and experience for us to build upon.


Being part of UOB Alumni is not just an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. It’s an opportunity to connect with the wider UOB community across all sectors and industries. Our popular symposiums and events bring together experts from industry and academia as well as those just starting out to share the latest thinking from different sectors.

Look out for emails or follow us on social media with information about forthcoming events. Finally, we help UOB students and recent graduates find and further their ambitions in whatever their chosen field. This includes continued support from the University – careers coaching, entrepreneurial support and access to UOB facilities. Most importantly, we build connections with you, our alumni, to provide mentoring and career opportunities.

  How to join

You automatically become a member of UOB Alumni when you complete a qualification at the University. Make sure you keep us up-to-date with your contact details; you can do this by registering online:

  Contribute to University life

We greatly value the support of our alumni, There are many ways you can contribute

  • Including giving a career talk.
  • providing a work placement,
  • featuring in a case study,
  • mentoring a student and donating.

Club Goals

  1. Link the graduates of the University of Bahrain to their university
  2. Educating the graduate about the importance of his role in the service of his university and his homeland in achieving the advancement of society and progress.
  3. To strengthen relations and cooperation among the graduates of the University of Bahrain so that they can exchange experiences and knowledge.
  4. Contribute and cooperate with the university to achieve its educational, cultural and social goals.
  5. Enhancing the graduates' sense of responsibility towards the university and society and developing their spirit of citizenship.
  6. Contributing to the connection between the university and society in a way that contributes to the service and advancement of society.
  7. Seeking to find financial support for the university as a whole and for the club in particular.
  8. To seek to strengthen communication between the University of Bahrain and other universities in and out of Bahrain and exchange experiences and service for university and educational teachers inside and outside the Kingdom.

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